Okay. I’m interested. But I have questions...

“Can I store my boat, RV, mutant vehicle, or dusty couch collection with you?”

Yes! With our 22’ tall ceilings you can fit a myriad of things in our flexible spaces. You can even store your entire fleet of Pacman ghost cars at a bulk rate discount! Shout out to Ghost Frequencies!

“But do you have enough room for my wooden ship that I use to navigate the treacherous playa dust?”

Yes… As long as it can fit through our larger bay doors (14’x16’), then we have over 100,000 sq ft of indoor, climate-controlled space to store all your weird stuff, matey!

“I’ve never been to Burning Man.. And I am not a burner. Can I still store with you?”

Heck yeah you can! We are offering our services to anyone who needs a home for their stuff, man. Storing with us doesn’t mean you have to be a burner. But it does mean you care about working with a company that supports the arts… And that is really cool.

“If I store with you, do I get access to The Generator shops?”

YES! That is our favorite thing about this opportunity! We will be offering a reduced membership plan for anyone storing for their own personal use, AND we will also be offering flex space!! Flex space is a set-aside project area where you can pull anything from your storage spot and work on it using tools/equipment from The Generator’s maker space.

“Wait.. So I don’t have to store my mutant vehicle in my Fernley burner friend’s backyard and then I don’t have to get my buddy to help me transport it to Nixon where I asked my uncle’s brother’s roommate if I can work on welding a support on it at his weird shop in the back of a farm and then I don’t have to get my mom’s sister to let me use her truck and trailer to transport the vehicle back to Gerlach where it sits in the sun and snow and rain and wind all year?!”

…...Dude, seriously, this is such a better option! :P Don’t ever do that logistical mess again! You need to drive your art car to The Generator Storage Co. TODAY!

“But do you have equipment available for loading/unloading?”

The Generator maker space already has forklifts, pallet jacks, hand carts and various moving wheely things to assist in loading and unloading small art projects and biiiig art projects. Our Storage team is well-versed on how to help assist the movement of odd-shaped items and will be more than happy to jump on a forklift and help out if asked in your move-in request. However, if you’re looking to move things that are too large/heavy to be moved with a forklift we will need to make special arrangements. Please contact us first before bringing your REALLY gigantic stuff to our space.

“A maker space and storage in the same building? Will my things and stuff be secure?”

Yes! We will have security measures put in place (like an RFID system) and have clearly separated spaces with barriers and locking cages. The Generator Storage Company will have its own entrance and there will be cameras in all locations. We also have a cat. Cat’s are super secure. And lots of barking doggos visit.

“How much is your fancy climate-controlled, indoor, secure, flexible-sized space going to cost me?”

We are offering first dibs to our space for an average of $1 per sqft. We do have a slight price difference between sizes, so our largest space is a little under a dollar ($0.90) and our smallest spaces are a little over ($1.15). Down the road, we are looking at more competitive price increases. Reserving with us now will save you money in the future!

“I heard you also offer a special size in the form of a pallet box or cube?”

Yes we do! One of our options is to rent a pallet box (4’x4’x3’) to put all of your things in.. which is perfect for the solo campers, fine book collectors or maybe you just need a box to store the swirling void that haunts your dreams. No matter what types of things you need us to lock away, it’s only $25 a month for pallet size!

“I keep hearing that this is creating a sustainable future for The Generator. What does that mean?”

If The Generator Storage Company can meet all costs of running this venture, then it will also subsidize the cost of rent for The Generator Community Maker Space. This means that The Generator Inc. can focus its efforts on supporting community and serving more artists in our area instead of being stressed about paying rent and keeping the doors open and lights on. If you store with The Generator Storage Company then you are directly supporting the arts in our local area.

“But what is The Generator? What is a maker space? I’m so confused!”

No worries! The Generator is a giant warehouse full of all the tools you can imagine and all the weirdest people using those tools to make art and other cool stuff. It’s a collaborative learning environment for making, art-ing, exploring and sharing. We have cultivated a community where we all work together to share knowledge and tools to create art, fabricate products, meet friends, and have a good time with good humans. We offer 24/7 shop access ($50/month) to our members which includes a metal shop, wood shop, ceramics studio, screen printing lab, tech lab, textile lab, 3D printers, CNC machines (laser/plasma) and assisted access to a CNC Router. We also have a gallery space, a kitchen, short term and long term studio space, day-use tables, and we host community events.

“I looked at your prices and they seem kinda high.. What’s up with that?”

We actually researched quite a few locations within the Reno/Sparks area and the average price we saw for a basic storage unit was about the price we have listed. We are offering more than basic with indoor, climate control, flexible sizing, moving equipment and access to our maker space on site, along with your storage rent helping to sustain our nonprofit (The Generator Inc.) into the future. If you know of some locations in Reno/Sparks with lower prices, we’d love to reach out to see what they are offering! You can email us at info@generatorstorage.com

“I don’t have things and stuff. I have a rockin’ mutant vehicle or relaxing air-conditioned RV. Do you have different rates for only vehicle/toy storage?”

We do! Storage for things on wheels (vehicles of some sort) is calculated at $10 per ft in length only. So if your art car is 18’ ft long, then your monthly rate is $180.